3 Bone-In Prime Rib Roast – USDA Choice Grade – Snake River Farms


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Bone-In Prime Rib RoastIs it possible to improve our Northwest Source-Certified Double R Ranch Prime Rib Roasts? We think we have with our Bone-In Prime Ribs, the perfect roasts for those who prefer a classic presentation. The bones insulate the savory beef from the heat of the oven so meat surrounding the bones cooks slower, leaving those sections extra juicy and tender. Each 3-bone roast is about 8 lbs. and is tied with butcher’s twine for a wonderful handcrafted aesthetic and more consistent cooking.Due to the unique conformations of this product, approximate weights can vary up to +/- 0.5 pounds.”…Hands down, Double R Ranch is the best beef in the country.” ~ Eric Hellner, Executive Chef, The Metropolitan Grill, Seattle, WA