3-PACK ChloraSeb Pledget Wipes (150 count)


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ChloraSeb™ wipes utilize an antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) solution for the topical management of skin conditions that are responsive to chlorhexidine and ketoconazole. Can be used for the antiseptic cleansing and disinfecting of face folds, finger folds, as well as underarm and groin areas. ChloraSeb wipes can help prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms on dogs, cats, and horses. For Use In: Dogs, Cats, & Horses ANTISEPTIC WIPES: Active ingredients kill bacteria and yeast to prevent skin infections. CONTAINS 50 WIPES: These wipes can be used to cleanse face folds, finger folds, underarms, and the groin area. You can use 1-3 wipes in a single use. FOR DOGS, CATS, & HORSES: Great for multipet homes! This formulation is suitable for cats, dogs and horses. MADE IN THE USA: Our products are made with premium USA ingredients to ensure your pet receives the best products available. OUR PRODUCT CARRIES A 100% PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Try our product without worry. You may return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.