Alaska Naturals Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Original for Dogs (15.5 oz)


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Wild Alaska Salmon Oil aids dogs in the natural process of good overall general health. This pure low heat oil, made in our certified plants, is formulated using only Wild Alaska Salmon-fresh caught in the pristine waters off of the 34,000 miles of Alaska. Wild Alaska Salmon Oil has a balanced ratio of EPA and DHA, which allows this product to support cellular growth, for your canine son or daughter, for both internal systems and the external skin and coat. Our Wild Alaska Salmon Oil is a dedicated supplement that gives you levels of bioavailable omega 3 long chain fatty acids that cannot be achieved by heat processed pellets, kibble, soft canned or dehydrated foods. Our oils partner with raw diets nicely! Key Benefits Rich, flavorful oil is made from fresh wild salmon sustainably caught in the pure waters of Alaska. Concentrated DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids help nourish your pup’s skin and promote a smooth, lustrous coat. Omega fatty acids also support healthy immunity, good cardiovascular health, and strong brain and nervous function. Proudly made in the USA without the use of artificial preservatives, colors or synthetic flavors. Oil is stabilized with natural tocopherols to maintain freshness; each bottle is nitrogen-purged to remove oxygen and extend shelf life.