Barkworthies Pork Scroll Treats (8 Pack)


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Barkworthies Pork Scroll Treats are a high protein, low fat chew made from high quality pig’s inner ear. Perfectly sized for small pups or to use as training treats, these all-natural dog chews are a fully-digestible treat. Antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and chemical-free, these healthy dog chews are the perfect way to give your dog a tasty treat without harsh, unnatural additives. A single-ingredient chew containing only all-natural pork, rest assured that these Pork Scroll are a wholesome choice for your dog. Barkworthies cares for the well-being of all dogs, which is why we are dedicated to making all-natural products without preservatives or additives. We strive to provide owners and their dogs with the healthy, wholesome options that they want and need. All-natural High in iron and zinc which helps your dog’s body fight off infection, maintain a healthy immune system, and provide energy to help support brain functions 100% healthy and safe for your dog to digest and break down and promotes healthy teeth and gums Barkworthies are preservative-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free. Contains no grains or gluten. Single ingredient product is great for pups with sensitive stomachs. Great for small breeds or to be used a training treat for larger breeds