BluTrack 2.0 PS – 25 ft Super Stunt Pack


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  • 25 feet of highly flexible two-laned racetrack featuring featuring Performance Channel
  • Performance Channel and Inserts allow for the user to strengthen track sections. Allowing the user to create more complex designs with this BluTrack P.S.
  • Includes: 1 BluTrack Performance Series Insert kit, 1 BluTrack Anchor Bar, 1 BluTrack Adaptable Hanger system, 1 Suction Cup, 5 BluTrack Racers* (Age: 3+), 8 BluTrack Ramps (Age: 5+)
  • *BluTrack Racer colors may vary
  • Compatible with BluTrack Racer vehicles, Hot Wheels, Matchbox brands, or any other 1/64th scale die-cast vehicle.