BluTrack 20 ft Valu-Pack Classic Toy Racetrack Set


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This versatile play set comes with 20 Ft. Continuous coil of flexible 2 lane BluTrack Classic (original design) toy race track. Includes 4 ramps, 1 BluTrack Racer vehicle (track is compatible with any 1/64th scale vehicle such as Hot Wheels, or Matchbox brands), adaptable hanger system allowing quick easy setup almost anywhere. This is enough track to set up more configurations than the customer can dream up. Start out with something as simple as a straight race and work your way up to some incredible stunts. The included ramps make stunt setup a little easier, but you can use any objects you may have around the house to make jumps, or brace your loops. You can do more with this single BluTrack Valu-Pack than you can with dozens of the other conventional track offerings.