Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy


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Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy is the perfect solution to providing your dog a fun toy that is appropriate for indoor use. This toy is made to be soft and lightweight to prevent accidents while playing indoors with your dog. The ball is also compressible and flexible for added durability. Both features are due to the Bounceflex Core technology to ensure that the ball is durability in spite of its soft and plush material. The Chuck-it! Indoor Ball Dog Toy is ideal for dogs that want to play on a cold or rainy day that prohibits outdoor play. The soft surface of this ball allows for a quiet playtime that still entertains and delights canine companions. For another fun indoor toy, check out Chuckit! Indoor Roller Toy. Your dog will love Chuckit! Indoor toys, so order them for your dog today! Key Features: Lightweight and soft for indoor play Made with Bounceflex technology for added durability Fuzzy surface comes in bright colors