CocoTherapy Maggie’s Macaroons – Coconut Lemoncello (4 oz)


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CocoTherapy Maggie?s Macaroons are a delectable snack that is ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. These delectable confections are raw, vegan and free of grain, gluten, eggs, and dairy as well any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives to ensure that they are soothing to even the most sensitive of stomachs. CocoTherapy Maggie?s Macaroons are made in the USA and are rich in fiber, medium chain omega acids, and protein to support a wide range of areas of your pet?s health. This bag includes 4 ounces of the treats that are naturally flavored with organic lemon juice to provide an extra kick. Provide your canine with a healthy treat that he will actually enjoy and order a bag of these magnificent macaroons today! Key Features: Raw coconut helps create a vegan treat that is free of many allergens for dogs with sensitivities Coconut provides rich source of fiber, protein and medium chain omega fatty acids Made in the USA and certified USDA organic