Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment Healing Salve (1oz)


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Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment Healing Salve is an all-natural skin treatment that fights viruses and fungi on cats and dogs.This easy-to-use solution can be applied directly to an area of skin affected by inflammation or other surface wounds. The treatment also works as an antiseptic and can help prevent scarring in tissue with appropriate use. Dr. Rose’s Skin Treatment Healing Salve is made here in the USA with eucalyptus oil and other natural ingredients that work to relieve skin irritation. Though this container comes with one ounce of the salve, there is also a larger size that can be sprayed onto the affected area. Treat your pet’s skin with a natural solution and order this organic healing salve today! Key Features: All-natural, made in the USA Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-scarring Available in 1 oz cream or 4 oz spray