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The bone-in ribeye is widely known as the favorite cut of butchers, steak connoisseurs and beef aficionados. The ribeye is the most marbled cut, making it tender and extremely flavorful. The Prime grade indicates this steak has the highest level of marbling recognized by the USDA. It’s possible to make this remarkable even more desirable with the element of dry-aging.Working with our partner, Prime Food Distributor, we have created a dry-aged bone-in ribeye of unsurpassed quality and flavor. We start with our USDA Prime beef sourced from the heart of the Northwest. Like wine, beef can benefit from its terroir. The mild climates, open spaces and abundance of natural resources produce beef of unusually high quality.When our beef is received at Prime Food Distributor’s facility in New York, it is measured and tagged so it can be tracked electronically. Our USDA Prime beef is aged in a precisely controlled dry-aging environment for a minimum of 30 days. When perfectly aged, our beef is hand cut into generous steaks and shipped fresh to your door using Expedited Shipping. You’ll receive a spectacular bone-in ribeye with a more intense beef flavor and a rich, buttery aroma.