Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats – BBQ Chicken Flavor (7 oz)


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Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats are chewy treats that contain real chicken and feature unique flavors that dogs love. These treats are made without filler ingredients like wheat, corn, and soy and is also free of any added sugars. Each treat is a thin strip with a texture that makes it easy to tear away parts of the treat and control the size of the portion you give your dog. Exclusively Pet Jerkeez Dog Treats are made in the United States and come in a 7 ounce resealable package to preserve freshness. Though this package features treats with a palatable BBQ flavor, pizza and taco flavors are also available. Your dog will love these palatable treats, so order today! Key Features: Natural chicken is primary ingredient Contains no added sugars, wheat, corn, or soy Made in USA with 7 oz resealable bag