Fromm Four-Star Dog Food – Beef Frittata Veg (4 lb)


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Fromm Beef Frittata Veg Dog Food is packed with only the most delicious, fresh and quality ingredients without any grains or artificial preservatives. Delight your dog with this hearty entre featuring butcher shop quality meat, whole eggs and a delicious mix of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. With tons of protein plus added prebiotics and probiotics to aid with digestion, all made in the Fromm family?s own plant in Wisconsin, you can be confident in the quality of the meals you give your dog. As a pet owner, you know that what goes into your dog?s body matters. Every physical movement, every brain function, his appearance and even his mood can be affected by the food that sustains him. Fromm Family Foods doesn?t take that lightly ? quality is the name of the game when it comes to the ingredients that go into Fromm Beef Frittata Veg Dog Food. Premium beef is the first to go into the mix, soon followed by whole eggs, which together provide your meat-loving dog with all the protein his body naturally demands. The exceptionally wide variety of fruits and vegetables present, including sweet potatoes, carrots, cranberries and spinach, take care of any nutrients his diet might be missing. To top it all off, prebiotics and probiotics are added to naturally help with digestion, so everything goes down smoothly. As owners and operators of their own plant in Wisconsin, the Fromm family is able to keep everything just the way they like it ? top notch. Food safety and testing programs, traceability of ingredients and regular inspections and audits ensures that Fromm Beef Frittata Veg Dog Food gets to your pet exactly the same and exactly how it was intended to be, every time. When you give your dog Fromm Beef Frittata Veg Dog Food, you?re not just giving him a delicious and healthy meal ? you?re giving yourself peace of mind because you know Fromm has all the details covered. From nutrition and quality to flavor and digestibility, Fromm Beef Frittata Veg Dog Food is guaranteed to satisfy every doggy need. Grain-free formula reduces risk of food-related allergies Yucca Schidigera extract reduces odor in stool and assists GI tract function Pork cartilage supports healthy joints Chicory root protects from worms Made from fresh, USDA inspected ingredients