Magnolia Stoneware Mug


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Often the backbone of the family, a ‘steel magnolia’ is a woman of strong, unflinching character with a warm, feminine quality. Paralleling those qualities, this mug is individually crafted with care on the potter’s wheel using durable stoneware clay. Adorned with a glossy magnolia blossom and a periwinkle blue/purple glaze, this mug is ideal for the ‘steel magnolia’ in your life. Individually handmade in Pennsylvania, each 16-ounce mug is high fired for a permanent finish that is lead-free, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Mugs sold separately. Special offer: Order 2 or more mugs (of any style) and receive a 10% discount on each! Use code 10mug in the coupon section of your shopping cart.