MicrocynAH Wound & Skin Care (16 fl oz)


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MicrocynAH Wound & Skin Care uses exclusive, patented Microcyn Technology to clean wounds, sores, skin irritations, and more. This unique, non-toxic formula is safe for use on all animal species. This formulation is also free of alcohol, steroids, and antibiotics to ensure it provides healing relief to your pet without unwanted side effects. MicrocynAH Wound & Skin Care can be used for topically to treat wounds, irritations, postsurgical incision sites, burns, and more to facilitate healing and to combat wound odors. This spray bottle contains 16 fluid ounces of the spray, but it is also available in 3 fluid ounce and 8 fluid ounce bottles. You never know when your pet might need sudden treatment, so order this wound and skin care product today! Key Features: Non-toxic and safe for all species of animals No steroids, alcohol, antibiotics or tea tree oils Made in the USA