Probios Dog Treats Digestion (1 lb)


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Probios Dog Treats Digestion Formula are nutritious and delicious treats that work to promote healthy digestive function in your dog. These treats contain a viable source of live microorganisms that promote a healthy balance in the normal system of microbes in your pet’s digestive tract. These microorganisms, or probiotics, naturally facilitate digestion to provide relief from upset stomach caused by stress or disease. Probios Dog Treats Digestion Formula feature a palatable chicken liver flavor that dogs love. This resealable bag comes with one pound of treats that are made and sourced here in the United States. Your dog will love these delicious treats and you’ll love how they keep him healthy, so order today! Key Features: Relieves digestive upset in dogs Includes 10+ million colony forming units of lactic acid bacteria Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus lichenformis Resealable bag contains 1 lb of treats Features palatable peanut butter and chicken liver flavor