Redbarn Bully Slices (9 oz)


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Bully Slices by Redbarn are delicious, easy to feed chews for dogs.These natural cow ears are coated in Redbarn’s special “Bully Stick gravy coating” which even finicky dogs will find irresistible! Bully Slices are a great alternative to rawhide treats. Chewing on abrasive treats such as Bully Slices improves your dog’s oral health. At 1/3 less fat than Redbarn Porky Slices, you can feel good about feeding your dog Bully Slices. Bully Slices are proudly made in the USA using high standards of quality. Natural Cow Ear Covered in Bully Stick Gravy Coating 1/3 Less Fat than Redbarn Porky Slices