Redbarn Mini Bully Barbell (24 pack)


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Redbarn Mini Bully Barbell is a delectable all-natural dog treat that comes in a mini size perfect for smaller dog breeds. These braided treats come from free range, grass fed steers to ensure that only the highest quality meats are used. The meats are roasted to lock in the succulent juices and give each treat a crunchy consistency. Redbarn Mini Braided Bully Barbells are a brilliant variation on Redbarn’s natural chew treats. Though these treats are shaped into barbells for your dog’s pleasure, the treat is also available as a braided stick or in the shape of a spring or ring. Your dog will love this delicious treat, so order today! Key Features: All natural made with free range, grass-fed steers Formed into perfect barbell shape before being baked Small size that accommodates smaller dog breeds Approximately 2″ wide