Starmark Edible Treat Rings (3.2 oz)


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Starmark Edible Rings Dog Treats fit onto the Starmark Ringer Dog Toy to keep your pup mentally and physically engaged. They can be used with the Ringer Horseshoe, Orb, Lightbulb or Bone, and they fit onto the inner loop or sideways between the outer wall and inner loop. It?s a fun way for active chewers to satisfy their natural urges as they bite the treats and try to remove them one by one. The Starmark Treat Ringer system with Edible Rings is a great option for food-driven pups or those that experience separation anxiety when their owner is away. Delicious chicken flavor 100% edible treat ring chews made in the USA Works with Starmark Treat Ringer Toys Encourages natural chewing behaviors Good for any size dog