Starmark Everlasting Fun Ball – Large


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StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball Starmark’s Everlasting Fun Ball is an extremely durable toy ball with a capacity to hold treats. This ball is ideal for mega chewers, or any dog that requires an outlet for excess energy. Highly Durable Materials The Everlasting Fun Ball is made of highly durable, virtually indestructible material. It is stronger and lighter than rubber, and is free of latex, vinyl and phthalates. This is a safe and fun ball to roll around, bounce, and its ability to float makes it ideal for pool play. Add Treats for Mental Stimulation Fill the Everlasting Fun Ball with your dog’s favorite treats to make active play more compelling. Try using the StarMark Everlocking Treats for long lasting chewing enjoyment for your dog. Playing while searching for treats helps reduce your dog’s anxiety and boredom behaviors. For Smaller Dogs, Try The Medium Size. StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball Provides Hours of Mental Stimulation and Physical Activity Virtually Indestructible Dispenses Small Treats or Kibble Rolls, Bounces and Floats in Water Approximately 4″ diameter More Info StarMark Products Shop more products by StarMark StarMark Treat Dispensing ChewBall Get Everlasting fun with the StarMark ChewBall Keeping Your Pets Active Learn how to keep your dog active and healthy. Top 10 New Must Have Dog Products Check out the latest and greatest.