The Ultimate Real Meat Treat Me Package


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FREEZE-DRIED RAW SUPER TREAT PACKOne of each of our great proteins*:Crunchy Beef Delight (2.5 oz.), Chicken Jerky Recipe (8 oz.), Lamb Sausage Recipe (3 oz.), Bitty Baby Bacon Rolls (2 oz.) and Beef Liver (2 oz.)Can’t Decide Which One To Try? Try Them All!This is a great choice for those pups that are just too cute to say no to! Get a great deal on this package which includes every one of our wholesome and healthy freeze-dried real meat treats! Go and grab the dog treats you have in your house right now and look at the ingredients. Surprised aren’t you! Typical treats off of a large pet store’s shelf can contain 20+ ingredients, including some that you cannot even pronounce.TruDog makes it simple, we only use USA sourced and harvested meats, freeze-dried raw to keep all the good stuff in-tact so that when your best friend needs a reward, you can feel good about giving it to him!*based on inventory availability a substitution will be made.