Tuggo Replacement Rope for 7″ Ball


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Keep your Tuggo working right with the Tuggo Replacement Rope for the 7″ Ball. Over time, the rope attached to your pet’s beloved Tuggo may suffer from fraying or other damage. Dogs love to chew on braided ropes; and though this can help support dental health, it may also cause the ropes to fray or even break. The Tuggo Replacement Rope for the 7″ Ball is made specifically to fit into your pup’s favorite Tuggo ball toy. The rope features the same color scheme and is the ideal thickness for this size toy, though a larger rope is available for the larger 10″ Tuggo toy as well. Turn your tyke’s Tuggo into a toy that’s practically brand-new and order this terrific replacement rope today! Key Features: Fitted perfectly to replace rope for 7″ Tuggo Water-Weighted Ball Braided rope supports dental hygiene in dogs as they chew and pull Available in two sizes for each Tuggo toy