Urban Stripe Mixed Hardwood Salt + Pepper Set


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About the ‘Urban Stripe’ Mixed Hardwood Salt + Pepper Set

Functional utensils handcrafted of natural, native American hardwoods provide sustainability and peace of mind in the kitchen. Made in Indiana, this wooden salt and pepper set consists of locally-sourced hardwoods laminated into attractive horizontal stripes. The salt shaker features a majority of light maple wood, while the pepper shaker has a majority of black walnut wood. Other integrated wood types may include cherry, oak, hickory, or ash. A threaded insert in the neck allows the wood tops to screw and stay safely in place. The exterior is finished with food-grade organic linseed oil and furniture-quality clear coat (interior is bare wood).

Why is there a pvc plastic portion in the shakers? The pvc portion is a threaded tube that allows the wood tops to securely screw in place. Although threads could be carved directly in the wood, the threads would wear down over time and the lids would not stay secure. The use of the pvc insert provides long-lasting durability. The pvc is food-safe (the same as used in water pipes) and is only located in the neck of the shakers (the interior cavity is bare wood).